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by - Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hey there!!!

Remember, some time ago, I wrote I was reading a book for over 2 years and did not want to give up on it before I was through the story.
Well, I did!
I could not get further in the story line; everything was taking forever.
So, one of these days, in one my stops to the book shop in town, I spotted something that could keep me entertained for a long time, and without giving up before it's over. hahaha
The problem is that I hardly have time to read, but nevertheless, it's a fun and great book.

Please, don't be scared by the title! :-D

Yep, a nerd-like kind of book but the idea is to give an easy and daily basis approach of Mathematics. Where we can find it on our daily life.
A nice way to demystify the "Math-monster"!

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