DIY #3 | Canvas

by - Monday, July 07, 2014

Early this Spring, I felt the urge to change our living room; I knew it needed some color to brightened things up and give it an extra touch.
I also knew it could not be too much or it could easily cross that thin line between cozy&fun and totally cheesy. 

On the other hand, I'm not the most creative person out there or let's say, not when it comes to art-related things. Back in the day, art class or drawing class (which were mandatory) were always the most difficult subject for me. I just never had it; you know.

Anyway, I got a set of white canvas, some paint and brushes (which turned out to be crap...) and searched on the internet for cool DIY ideas. Result: Overwhelming!!
I mean, if you are somehow skilled for this stuff, I'm sure it'd be a lot less scary. Some things looked "easy" but I think that's due to the artist that made it to look so simple. Never let yourself be deceived by the looks...

After trying out different things, I was about to loose my patience and realize, once again, that art it's just not for me. So I grabbed a brush, dipped it into some paint and started to make random strokes on the canvas. Totally aleatory....
Color after color, stroke after stroke, it started to look like something.
At this point, my brain was already processing all that info, analyzing it, finding points for improvement or even thinking "oh, this just looks like... nothing!".
I asked the man to have a look; he said "it looks cool"!

WTF?! It looks cool?! Seriously???... I continued, painting out what earlier was an empty white canvas, without any idea of what it should look like. I had nothing in mind; no plan, nothing!!! Just so not me...
But you know what? It felt so good!!!

The idea was to just let it go; like with any other things in life, it's easier said than done, and for me to just let go it's more difficult than solving a Quantum Physics equation... 
It got me going and it ended up on the wall of our kitchen!
I kinda like how it turned out. Does it mean something? Probably not.
Could someone else make something nicer? Most probably! But so what?
I'm still proud of my random "painting".

Meet my DIY #3:
Let it go Canvas by MissB.

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  1. Olhando para a tua obra, tenho 2 comentários a fazer: 1) quem não tem jeito para estas coisas sou eu, não és tu certamente! 2) Parabéns!