by - Friday, June 13, 2014

So, this past weekend it was time to officially open the festival season for me! :-)
I love festivals; it's always great fun, good music (most of the times), good weather (this depends on the location), good company and fresh drinks.
What else can you ask for?!

In the line-up of this year's Pinkpop edition were:

From Day #1 only saw Epica, which no surprise gave a hell of show despite the technical issues and a bit of the Rolling Stones. I had to! But honestly, it was a bit boring for my taste and they kept all the songs I knew for the very last part of the set, meaning.... I didn't see them. It was also impossible to watch anything due to huge crowd in front of me; I could not even see the screens.
From Day #3 I saw a bit of Mastodon, Ghost, Avange Sevenfold and obviously.... Metallica!!!
This day was a bit of a roller coaster when it comes to weather; it went from 30degress, sunny and clear sky to a massive Red Code thunderstorm! Due to this, Metallica's show was delayed over 1 hour but damn... what a show!!!! I had a GREAT time!

Watch Epica's show on Pinkpop 2014:


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  1. Parece-me bem um festival com variedade de estilos e bandas, mas esse Pinkpop já é um bocado Uma autêntica salada russa.XD Já agora, o que te pareceram os Ghost? Entretanto tenho de ir espreitar o vídeo da atuação dos Epica. Mais 2 meses até finalmente os ver novamente (após o lançamento do novo álbum)!

  2. Ghost: nao gostei! Achei muuuuuito chato....

  3. Os Epica fizeram uma sessão acústica nesse festival? Que tal correu?