Explanation need it!

by - Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ever since I moved to the Tulip's country, I became more and more of an observer of Dutch culture. I think that's a natural thing...
One of the things that stroke my attention is the way Dutch women dress. They have a particular taste, most are very vain and always want to look at their best, always following the latest trends independently if they look good on them or not. Of course this is a matter of personal taste, but I have the right to an opinion.
One of Dutch women's trademark is wearing white legging bellow the knee.
Just like in these pics (found on Google):

They wear these with basically anything, and in my opinion, 99% of the time does not look good!
If you have short legs, you should never use such leggings, it makes you look even shorter. Do they care about this?! No way!!

I do not understand the point in all this, so if there's by any chance any Dutch woman out there, reading this:
1) I do not intend to offend you
2) I'm not judging
3) Please, explain me why!!!

I think white leggings are for Dutch women the same as white socks arr for Germans... Do you get my idea?! hahaha

Looking forward for the warm weather and see all those Dutchies in their leggings again....

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  1. Hoje vi umas em Portugal.. não gosto nada.

  2. Presumo que a resposta das holandeses seria... "porque está na moda!".XD Já agora, explica-me lá isso das meias brancas usadas pelas alemãs!lol

  3. As meias podes ver aqui:

  4. Aah, já me lembro desse post. Eh pá, antes a moda holandesa que a moda alemã, de longe!loool