DIY #2 - Easy Home Decor

by - Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Hello there!!!

Soooo, it's been ages since I last wrote something, but life has been crazy again (I should say, once again...). After a long preparation for my Dutch exam, I can happily say that I passed and even got a very good grade; much better than I would expect! :-)

Now, let's talk about today's post. Maybe you have seen this before and perhaps so did I, but somehow it didn't pop to my mind, until I started to browse around on Pinterest! Damn, that's an addictive thing... but also very handy! You can find there almost everything you can imagine.
As I was getting a bit fed up with how our living room looked like, I soon browsed around on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Here at home, there are always quite some empty bottles; beer and wine bottles. Different shapes, different kind of glass (meaning different colors) so instead of trowing them away, I decided to recycle a few of them and use them as decoration element.
Well, I must say, I really like how it looks!

What will you need:

-   Empty bottles of your choice
-   Fresh/artificial flowers
-   Hot water
-   Lots of patience to remove the labels from the bottle. :-)

This basically talks by itself, but the only thing you have to do is put the bottle under hot water and remove the labels. The beer bottle I used, it was very easy to remove the label but the wine bottles were a bit more complicated... I almost gave up!
For flowers, I used three artificial daisies and two bamboo sticks; all from Ikea. Cheap but effective! :-)

Have you have tried such a thing?


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  1. Try some sort of oil to remove labels such as cooking oil or wd-40! =D

  2. Muitos Parabéns pelo exame! E grande originalidade na decoração!