Adventures in the kitchen #10

by - Friday, June 06, 2014

Are you ready for some yumminess?! :-)

I'm not sure if I said this before, but I LOVE pasta!!! It's one of those things I can eat every day (along with soup)... And because of that, I like to try new recipes.
Today, I've a Pasta with fish and spinach to share with you.

What will you need:
-   Linguine
-   Spinach
-   Shrimps
-   Some sort of white fish, cut in small cubes
-   Crab sticks, also cut in small cubes
-   Cherry tomatoes
-   Tomato puree (just a tiny bit)
-   Cream cheese - 2 table spoons
-   Salt & pepper

The way to achieve this it's very easy, just cook all the ingredients, starting from the ones that take more time to cook. I always leave the spinach and cherry tomatoes for the last step. Also, the pasta I like it al dente, meaning 7min cooking. When that's done, add it to the rest of the ingredients and gently mix it together.
And voilá!

It's a challenge not to eat too much with this one.
Oh, I shouldn't forget to mention that all in all, it should take around 15min to get it done. Easy and quick; I like that! :-)

Bom apetite!

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  1. que bom aspeto!
    Há também a versão waterproof, mas essa não tenho a certeza se já chegou a portugal