Monday, June 30, 2014

Fitness | New exercises & Motivation

They say that when you're losing your motivation to workout, you should introduce new exercises to your workout routine and/or get new workout clothes.
Well, I started with the second option!! hahaha

All pieces are from H&M and were 9.95EUR each.
Pics from H&

Of course, new training clothes are useless if you don't workout, so the other day, I found on Pinterest some cool new exercises that I can't wait to try out!
If I find them cool enough, I will share with you.

Time to get busy! :-D
Do you also work out? How do you keep yourself motivated?
Let me know in the comments below. :-)


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday's Movie Tip

This may be a bit late, but I've got another movie tip for you on this Sunday evening. :-)
Few weeks ago, we watched Madela; the movie about Mandela's story. What a touching and great movie. I had no idea of most of the details so I totally recommend it to you.

Here's the trailer:

Enjoy the movie and Sunday evening! :-)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Adventures in the kitchen # 12

Are you ready for some deliciousness??? :-)

Here you go: Easy Homemade Mango mousse.
This literally took 15min to prepare and it's a great way of using those old mango's that you don't wanna eat but are still good enough and should not go in the trash bin.... Okay, I think you get my point. haha

I got this recipe from Pinterest (did I already mention that I love that thing!? haha) from one of my favorite Portuguese blogs.
So, let's get to business.

What will you need:
-    1 soft mango
-    Yogurt
-    Coconut powder
-    3 Gelatin sheets

How to:
-     Deep the gelatin sheet in cold water for 5-7min;
-     Put all ingredients in a blender and... blend! :-)
-     Melt the gelatin with a bit of hot water and then add this to the mango mix.
-    Pour the mix in cups of your choice (I used champagne glasses) and leave to rest in the fridge, preferably over night.

All I can say is that it was delicious, no sugar (so you don't need to feel guilty in case you're on a diet) and super easy to prepare.
This was definitely a success over here!

Bom apetite! :-)

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Opa, sinceramente, então já não bastava o homem tar preso e ainda perdeu peso?!...
Não se faz isto a ninguém.... desumano, dirão alguns.
Vai na volta, ele ainda vai processar o estado PT por más condições ou até mesmo por privação de uma alimentção como deve ser.
Não sei, isto sou eu só a mandar bitaites para o ar... Vale o que vale...

Mas pronto, se são estas as notícias que merecem a pena dar destaque lá pelo meu Portugal, o que é que se vai fazer?!...
Podiam também fazer uma comparação entre o número de quilos que ele perdeu e os euros que amealhou/desviou ou simplesmente se evaporaram lá pelos lados de Oeiras...

Já lá dizia o ditado: Todos são inocentes até que se prove p contrário.
Tal só é válido se a justiça funcionar como deve ser, o que diga-se de passagem, deixa muito a desejar....

Enfim, uma boa 5ª feira para todos!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Officially open....

...The caravan season on Dutch highways!
Yep... they are all over the place.
It seems that Dutchies love to bring their home wherever they go and for that caravans are just the best option.
Cool for them!

Yes, there's always a but; the downside of this lovely Dutch characteristic is that they overflow the highways, plus, they have to drive slow.
That's okay until they do it on the left lane...
Some, just forget that not everyone on  the road (.... me for example) are not on holiday.

So please, get the f*** out of my way with your caravan!

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hope and faith are tonight's words.
Crossing my fingers for a great performance of my fellow Porties!

They better win because I don't want to get to work looking like a grumpy zombie.
Whoever scheduled the match for 00:00 CET must a total idiot...

Vamos a eles!!!! :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

1st match....

I will try not to bite my nails and hope my fellow Porties do a great job against the Germans!


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Little surprises

As far as my memory go, I remember liking books and having a  huge collection.
When I moved to the country of Tulips, I had to move most of my books behind and that was quite painful.

From all Portuguese writers/poets, my favorite is without doubts Fernando Pessoa. He was just a genius!! A bit crazy, but that's what makes him so exception, in my opinion.
During one of these weekends, while browsing around in one of the most beautiful book shops I've ever been, I could not believe it when I spotted this little precious, lost in between so many other books.

So, to all Dutchies out there: if you'd like to read a bit of marvelous Portuguese writer, here's a tip! :-)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Adventures in the kitchen #11

Today I bring you something suuuuper easy:

Homemade croissants!!!!

I made mine using Tante Fanny croissandeeg, but you can find these of any other brand.

By following the instructions in the package; I achieved a veeeery yummy croissants that were the best Sunday breakfast you can imagine!

Please, do it and let me know if you ever tried such homemade croissants.
If you have your own recipe, please share. :)



So, this past weekend it was time to officially open the festival season for me! :-)
I love festivals; it's always great fun, good music (most of the times), good weather (this depends on the location), good company and fresh drinks.
What else can you ask for?!

In the line-up of this year's Pinkpop edition were:

From Day #1 only saw Epica, which no surprise gave a hell of show despite the technical issues and a bit of the Rolling Stones. I had to! But honestly, it was a bit boring for my taste and they kept all the songs I knew for the very last part of the set, meaning.... I didn't see them. It was also impossible to watch anything due to huge crowd in front of me; I could not even see the screens.
From Day #3 I saw a bit of Mastodon, Ghost, Avange Sevenfold and obviously.... Metallica!!!
This day was a bit of a roller coaster when it comes to weather; it went from 30degress, sunny and clear sky to a massive Red Code thunderstorm! Due to this, Metallica's show was delayed over 1 hour but damn... what a show!!!! I had a GREAT time!

Watch Epica's show on Pinkpop 2014:


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Explanation need it!

Ever since I moved to the Tulip's country, I became more and more of an observer of Dutch culture. I think that's a natural thing...
One of the things that stroke my attention is the way Dutch women dress. They have a particular taste, most are very vain and always want to look at their best, always following the latest trends independently if they look good on them or not. Of course this is a matter of personal taste, but I have the right to an opinion.
One of Dutch women's trademark is wearing white legging bellow the knee.
Just like in these pics (found on Google):

They wear these with basically anything, and in my opinion, 99% of the time does not look good!
If you have short legs, you should never use such leggings, it makes you look even shorter. Do they care about this?! No way!!

I do not understand the point in all this, so if there's by any chance any Dutch woman out there, reading this:
1) I do not intend to offend you
2) I'm not judging
3) Please, explain me why!!!

I think white leggings are for Dutch women the same as white socks arr for Germans... Do you get my idea?! hahaha

Looking forward for the warm weather and see all those Dutchies in their leggings again....

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Beauty | Hold me tight!


On today's menu, we've got a girl thing again.
For the men out there; sorry!
But you know what? You can use this post as tip in case you need to buy a gift to a friend which likes beauty products, does not have that much time for that stuff, wants to look put together without much effort.

Yep, I'm that kind of girl.
Working at a men's environment can lead you to put your feminine side a bit aside, but I try to avoid that as much as I can. A way to achieve that is to do my make-up every morning. Something simple, fast but that works. No crazy eye looks or whatsoever.
I should mention that I do my make-up before 7am and usually remove it at 11pm! When I do this, I can tell that my make up held pretty nice during the day. Oh, I don't do any touch-ups during the day, btw!
It wasn't always like this, until I found the Benefit POREfessional.

You might have see this baby here.
Well, this tiny little tube, it's my savior!

What does Benefit say:
Why we love it!
Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put. Contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals.
Sephora 15ml / The POREfessional 7.5ml
What do I say:
I love it!!! As a primer, it works just amazingly. My skin is smooth and the foundation holds on the whole day! After over 12hrs, it's not as good as when I apply it, but it's still there (I've normal/dry/sensitive skin).
I prefer this primer over the one from Sephora that I used before.
The minus point is the price; in my opinion it's a bit pricey which was the main reason why I only bought the mini-size first, but after seeing its performance I do think it's worth the money!

Price info: 
The PORE fessional : 32EUR for 22ml on
Sephora's : 10.95EUR for 15ml also on

I have to get my hands on the full size ASAP and I know we will be become long time partners.
Why didn't I try this one before?!...


Friday, June 06, 2014

Adventures in the kitchen #10

Are you ready for some yumminess?! :-)

I'm not sure if I said this before, but I LOVE pasta!!! It's one of those things I can eat every day (along with soup)... And because of that, I like to try new recipes.
Today, I've a Pasta with fish and spinach to share with you.
What will you need:
-   Linguine
-   Spinach
-   Shrimps
-   Some sort of white fish, cut in small cubes
-   Crab sticks, also cut in small cubes
-   Cherry tomatoes
-   Tomato puree (just a tiny bit)
-   Cream cheese - 2 table spoons
-   Salt & pepper

The way to achieve this it's very easy, just cook all the ingredients, starting from the ones that take more time to cook. I always leave the spinach and cherry tomatoes for the last step. Also, the pasta I like it al dente, meaning 7min cooking. When that's done, add it to the rest of the ingredients and gently mix it together.
And voilá!

It's a challenge not to eat too much with this one.
Oh, I shouldn't forget to mention that all in all, it should take around 15min to get it done. Easy and quick; I like that! :-)

Bom apetite!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Reality Check - 1, 2, 1, 2...

I know I'm a bit late regarding these news, but that doesn't matter to me, to be honest. It all started with the news that Switzerland had a voting going on where the people had to say if they were in favor or against the introduction of minimum salary per month.
If the Swiss would have voted in favor of this suggestion, Switzerland would have become the country with the highest minimum salary in the World!
Here are the numbers that the Swiss rejected:
For a 42 hours/week, 18EUR/hour, meaning a total of 3270EUR/month....

On the other hand, Switzerland has a very high living cost so perhaps 3270EUR/month isn't that much, but what really strikes me is the different realities existing in Europe at the moment.

Now, here comes the shocking part: in Porty land this minimum salary it's only 485EUR/month.... Yes, 485EUR.
Perhaps some Central/Northen Europeans would say "oh in Porty land the living cost isn't as high as in X or Y country" or even "we pay more taxes than they do" and so on.
Even if all this would be true, how can someone survive with only 485EUR/month? I'm not even taking into account the income tax that people have to pay...

To me these different realities are the proof that we cannot have a real Europe if things are so different from country to country. Perhaps, Switzerland wasn't a good example as they are not part of the EU, but here it's an overview:

I could keep on talking about this subject now, but it really upsets me, even though I don't live in Porty land, I can't avoid feeling frustrated and sometimes even disgusted by the many measurements being held back there.
In a future post, I will write about what most young people are facing nowadays... Not now, I'm already upset just from looking at these numbers...

Sorry, Mrs Merkel, but Europe isn't the same everywhere meaning that your politics/ideas may (and don't and shouldn't) not apply in other countries!


Tuesday, June 03, 2014

DIY #2 - Easy Home Decor

Hello there!!!

Soooo, it's been ages since I last wrote something, but life has been crazy again (I should say, once again...). After a long preparation for my Dutch exam, I can happily say that I passed and even got a very good grade; much better than I would expect! :-)

Now, let's talk about today's post. Maybe you have seen this before and perhaps so did I, but somehow it didn't pop to my mind, until I started to browse around on Pinterest! Damn, that's an addictive thing... but also very handy! You can find there almost everything you can imagine.
As I was getting a bit fed up with how our living room looked like, I soon browsed around on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Here at home, there are always quite some empty bottles; beer and wine bottles. Different shapes, different kind of glass (meaning different colors) so instead of trowing them away, I decided to recycle a few of them and use them as decoration element.
Well, I must say, I really like how it looks!

What will you need:

-   Empty bottles of your choice
-   Fresh/artificial flowers
-   Hot water
-   Lots of patience to remove the labels from the bottle. :-)

This basically talks by itself, but the only thing you have to do is put the bottle under hot water and remove the labels. The beer bottle I used, it was very easy to remove the label but the wine bottles were a bit more complicated... I almost gave up!
For flowers, I used three artificial daisies and two bamboo sticks; all from Ikea. Cheap but effective! :-)

Have you have tried such a thing?

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