Fitness | How I use my fitness ball

by - Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Hi there!! :)

So, last week I talked about doing something if you are not satisfied with your body or appearance. As I mentioned, I usually work out 3 times/week, somewhere between 30 to 45min.
The fitness ball I purchased, it comes with a DVD including a 6min warm up routine, 22min exercise (2 rounds of 11 exercises) and 6 min stretching.

None of these steps should be skipped; always warm before exercising and always stretch afterwards. This will prevent injuries, and I remember from back in the days how bad muscle injuries hurt...

In the following video you can see a summary of the exercises in the dvd. Of course, all over the internet you can find any other exercises and for me what works best is just to introduce new exercises every now and then, to keep it exciting and not so routine.

I am super happy I took this step and I can already notice that I lost some fat around my waist!!
Can't wait for later today to go and do these exercises again! Once you pass the first days and overcome the pain, it sort of becomes addictive and fun. :-)

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