Friday, May 02, 2014

Adventures in the kitchen #7


On this week's recipe, I bring you some super easy but tasty!
Great to kick off your weekend.: PANCAKES!!!

I mean, who doesn't like them?!
These aren't too sweet but you can always sweeten them up, as you like.

Ingredients (ratio1:1) for approx.10:
-   1 cup of flour
-   1 cup of milk
-   1 egg
-   a bit of sugar

How to:
-   Mix the flour with the milk
-   Add the egg and stir all together
-   Add a bit of sugar
-   Done! :-) Make sure your pan is hot enough.
-   Once one of the sides start getting some bubbles, flip them around.

My favorite is honey and cinnamon but you can also jam, Nutella, caramel, fruit, sugar powder... whatever you can imagine! They go well with almost anything. Oh, and they are very spongy! Yummie!!!

Bom apetite!!

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  1. Têm muito bom aspeto! E devem saber ainda melhor!lol


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