From NYC with love #6

by - Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello reader!! :-)

Well, first of all, it's been waaaay too long since I last wrote!
But life has been hectic and unfortunately, I do not have the power to extend my days as much as I need.

Anyway, back to main topic of this post: one of our last days in NYC.
It's been so long ago and yet, so alive in my memory.
Places we visited:
-   Metropolitan Museum of Art
-   The closest Hot-Dog stand! LOL
-   Central Park - East Side
-   TGIF!!!!
It may seem that we didn't do much, what I didn't say is that we walked along the 5th Avenue from the 82nd street (after our visit to the MMoA) to the 32nd !! 
That's 50 blocks which is equivalent to almost 5km walking!! It may not seem much, but it felt like a never-ending ride. 
Nevertheless, it was very nice. Of course, this could only be possible after we had our Hot-Dog-dose of the day. hahaha Damn, they were yummie!! :)
Later that day, we also walked back from the TGIF (where we had excellent food & drinks) back to the hotel, in a total of 28 blocks.
I think, we could apply for a marathon after this trip...

At the MMoA, we visited several expositions (European Paintings, Arms & Armor, The Egyptians and Musical Instruments) , but it's such a huge museum that you can easily dedicated just one day for it, if you have enough patience to stay inside for so long.

There's only one day left, and I will write about it and some tips & tricks we used throughout our trip, that you might find useful when you go to NYC!


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