Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Safety Distance

I remember in those classes for my driver's license talking about keeping a safe distance between cars. It's indeed necessary, but some people take it too literally, I think.

Here, in the Tulip's country, there are quite long traffic jams, almost every day, throughout the whole country. It's quite understandable if you think that it's a small country with over 15M inhabitants. Obviously, not all drive a car, but it's just for an idea.

What they forget to mention, is that most drivers keep a super large safe distance between cars, while on a traffic jam. What I mean is, a distance that could easily fit one extra car (and sometimes a bus! or 2 cars)....
In Porty-land, usually, it's the other way around. Every one drives as close as possible from the next car, which most of the times lead to accidents...

If all drivers would do so, then the traffic jam would be enormous!!! There should be a little be of common sense, and in my opinion it's quite selfish that some drivers do this.
Annoys me very much, I must admit....

So, yes, keep your safe distance but please, do NOT exaggerate!

Oh... this reminds me I might fall into a traffic jam later today.... *loading extra patience*


Monday, April 28, 2014

Do something!!

Hello there! :-)

Not that long ago, I made a decision that was long waiting and I should have done it way earlier; start exercising!
Most people who know me, would think: "Oh that's not necessary! You're fine" but what does that matter, if you do not feel comfortable in your own skin?!... Then it's time for you to take a step and do something!
The main goal is not to loose weight, but just get a better shape and feel better about myself. We all have our insecurities, and once you are used to be slim, a small tummy can become a big problem.

First, I started using Wii Fit plus which is nice but it did not do much for me. It's more like a you feel you're working out, but you're actually not.
It was time to go for something more "old school", and I got a yoga mat and a fitness ball, followed by a jumping rope.

After 3 weeks, I feel a lot better and I know I'm on the right direction. Most weeks, I exercise 3 times/week, on my living room after a long day at work. Perfect way to get rid of the tension accumulated throughout the day and without the "mandatory-feeling" of going to a gym. I do it when I can, the way I want.

This is just a beginning, but the message here is: if you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your body, take action and DO something! Complaining won't help you, only your actions will.
Next week, I will share with you some of my work out routines so please, don't forget to come back. ;-)


Sunday, April 27, 2014

From NYC with love #7

Well, all good things come to an end, and so did this trip to NYC and thus, this diary.
It took me way too long to finish it, but more interesting things are planned for future posts, so let's get this out of the "to-write-about-list"! :-)

On our very last day n NYC, we did not only pack but we took the time to visit some last spots, get souvenirs and meet good old friends, which is hardly possible to do due to distance.
Just this last point, would have been enough to make the last day memorable!
Since our flight was only late in the evening, we had the whole day to wonder around in the Big Apple for the very last time.
After breakfast, we packed our stuff and put our imaginary Marathon suits, and walked all the way from the 32nd street towards 7th street on Greenwich Village... Yep, a LOOOOT of walking, but this time under the rain... Not cool!
There, we met some good old friend and had a DE-LI-CI-OUS lunch, so that our energy level was again high enough to walk all the way back.... Marathon round # 999999....
We had plenty of time to get souvenirs, stare at Times Square, and slowly start to say goodbye. It was not a real goodbye, because I'm sure we will be back; better sooner than later.
Even though it was a bit to early, we decided to take our bus to the airport and I'm glad we did so, because there was a tremendous traffic jam. Other passengers almost did not make it to their flight; not us though!

After checking our luggage, we still had plenty of time left (over 3 hours, I think), so we decided to grab a snack before boarding; guess what?!? Chicken wings!!! It couldn't have been more American, I believe... hihihi They were veeeery tasty!!!
Eventually, it was time to board and sit in that plane for 8 hours. Since the flight was during the night, in order to avoid jet-lag I had the idea of "forcing our sleep" by taking sleeping pills. Well, it was a great idea which did not work for me... I even took 2 (!!!!) sleeping pills, but was never deep in my sleep.

Early in the morning, there we were, back in Amsterdam, without jet-lag but tired.

Now, time for some tips & comments about our trip:

  • We planned all in advance! It helped a lot and having a city guide book turned out to be very handy, especially in such a huge city. It can be overwhelming, if you do not have a plan forehand.
  • City Pass: This was most definitely a great aquisition! We got a good price for the value, and allowed us to visit the main attractions from NYC! So, if you go there, please check this out.
  • NYC Airporter: With this shuttle service, we went from JFK Airport straight to our hotel and for me, it was the most convenient way to get there. After a long flight, an easy way to reach your hotel is the best thing to do! If you order your tickets online, you get a nice discount as well!
  • Take good shoes! :-)
  • On the not so nice side, drinks are SUPER expensive and 99.99% of the menus do not show the price of the drinks... Weird, if you ask me!
  • The prices on menus do not include tax and you always HAVE to tip. So, basically, it's a nice game to find out how much your bill will be,
  • Be patient! Your not the only one visiting all those attractions... 
  • If you like to shop; take an extra suitcase because NYC is the place for that! (I will show my purchases on a future post!!)

And I believe that's it!

I had the most amazing time there; spend Valentine's day in NYC was quite nice and all the places we visited will stay in my memory for a very long time!
I've said this before, but I cannot wait to come back! Hopefully, with nicer weather! hahaha
Perhaps I forgot to mention, but it was damn cold!!!! hahaha

Well, now that this chapter is over, a new one is about to start!
I've got plenty of ideas for this blog and I hope you like it.

Remember: like -> share! :-)

NYC, I miss you!!!!



Friday, April 25, 2014

New Layout


As you may notice, I have changed the layout.
The old one was getting too dark for me, and since spring is here, I felt like having a "lighter-vibe-look" over here.

Unfortunately, the Followers box is not active anymore. If you would like to be update about new posts, either follow on Google+ or by email. For that, just click on "Subscribe" tab and choose your option!

I hope this is easy for you and let me know your opinion by leaving a comment, hit the Like button or +1.

EDIT: I have found the followers option!! It should show up bellow the Subscribe tab. So please, feel free to add yourself! ;-)


Thursday, April 24, 2014

From NYC with love #6

Hello reader!! :-)

Well, first of all, it's been waaaay too long since I last wrote!
But life has been hectic and unfortunately, I do not have the power to extend my days as much as I need.

Anyway, back to main topic of this post: one of our last days in NYC.
It's been so long ago and yet, so alive in my memory.
Places we visited:
-   Metropolitan Museum of Art
-   The closest Hot-Dog stand! LOL
-   Central Park - East Side
-   TGIF!!!!
It may seem that we didn't do much, what I didn't say is that we walked along the 5th Avenue from the 82nd street (after our visit to the MMoA) to the 32nd !! 
That's 50 blocks which is equivalent to almost 5km walking!! It may not seem much, but it felt like a never-ending ride. 
Nevertheless, it was very nice. Of course, this could only be possible after we had our Hot-Dog-dose of the day. hahaha Damn, they were yummie!! :)
Later that day, we also walked back from the TGIF (where we had excellent food & drinks) back to the hotel, in a total of 28 blocks.
I think, we could apply for a marathon after this trip...

At the MMoA, we visited several expositions (European Paintings, Arms & Armor, The Egyptians and Musical Instruments) , but it's such a huge museum that you can easily dedicated just one day for it, if you have enough patience to stay inside for so long.

There's only one day left, and I will write about it and some tips & tricks we used throughout our trip, that you might find useful when you go to NYC!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Long time no see/write

To whoever reads this blog:

Hello there,

Just a quick hello to the world!!!
I haven't had the time to write, but I will be back soon!!! :)

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