From NYC with love #5

by - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hello hello!!!

Finally, some time to write and therefore here's some highlights of the 5th day in NYC.
It's unbelievable that it's been already over one month... Is it okay to go back now or is it still "too early"?! haha

On this 5th day, we took it quite easy as we knew the evening would "the main" attraction; it was time for some live music in NYC, babe! :)

Places we visited:
-   Top of the Rock
-   9/11 Memorial
-   Century21
-   Gramercy Theater

Some pics:

Pics from the Top of the Rock; it's just breathtaking.... I was so much more impressed then when at the ESB. The view of the city is just something you can't experience from anywhere else. It's best to go when the sky is clear and not so windy. There's also an indoor deck but nothing beats being outside, get your hair flying in the NYC air while absorbing all its beauty. 

Take your time, and just... Enjoy!
At evening, we went for a great show at the Gramercy Theater. Not so far from out hotel and definitely worth it.
The lineup for that evening:

- Atrocity
- Leave's Eyes

Do I need to say more?!? I will; it was great and I'm super thankful for that evening and had so much fun! My neck didn't like it but it's not every day you see one of your favorite bands, coming from your own country, kicking major ass in f*cking NYC; so why not headbang ?! :-)
Robocop mode was ON and on fire later that evening.
After the show, we hung out with the bands, I finally got my picture with some of the Moonspell boys after someone else pushing me to do so! hahaha 
Yeah... I get a bit shy, every now and then.
Security wanted to kick us out very early, but eventually they got the point and let us stay in. After all, there were still some cold beers waiting.
Eventually, it was time for the bands to leave and so did we; the ESB was colored by the nation's colors as it was President's Day.

As I mentioned before, we also passed by the 9/11 memorial and were suppose to go visit the museum, but I didn't find okay to have to pay for it when it was suppose to be charity to help out the families (they say....) and actually, if it is a memorial it should be free access so that anyone could pay their tribute to the ones lost in such a tragic and memorable day. I showed mine from the outside!
Near to the Ground Zero, there's a super massive department store with all designers clothes/accessories called Century21. I was told that that was the place to go, and so I did.
What they did not tell me is that people in there go nuts and the place itself is overwhelming...
Result was: NO shopping, my bank account was happy!

All in all, this way was as great as the others, quieter but equally amazing! Sometimes all you need is to take it easy and enjoy what the city has to offer you, not rush but just let yourself go.

May I go back?!... Donations anyone???

I will be back with Day6 as soon as I can.

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  1. Mais um grande dia em NYC! Terminando em beleza com um concerto dos tugas Moonspell!eheh Estava muita gente no concerto? Com quais dos "moonspellianos" estiveste depois do concerto?

    1. Esta bem cheio, com direito a moshpit e tudo!! O ppl tava em alta.
      Estive com o Fernando, o Mike e o Aires. Super bacanos mas fico sempre um bom pouco desconfortavel.... hahaha

      Um daqueles momentos Kodak: para mais tarde recordar!