From NYC with love #4

by - Monday, March 17, 2014

Oh well.... It's been a veeeery long time since I wrote a blogpost, but sometimes it just how it goes.
Other things are more important and whenever there's a little spare time, I just don't feel like being behind the pc.

Anyway, I still have a lot of things to talk about our trip to lovely NYC, which was already 1 month ago *socking*. Therefore, here I am with diary #4

Places we visited:

- Empire State Building
- Natural History Museum & Planetarium
- Central Park
- 1st Irish Pub pit stop :-)

The pics:
Pictures from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building!!!
It's just breath-taking.... If it wasn't for the cold, I could have stayed there for longer...
(click on the pic to see it better)
A few captions from the great afternoon at the Natural History Museum.
You can easily spend a whole day there!
Or let's just be fair: I could! :-)
Lovely walk through snowy Central Park.
It's veeeery slippery but so charming; very quiet and relaxing atmosphere, which is quite a contrast with what's happening around this park.
Drinks and food!
The food at Bricco restaurant was just DE-LI-CI-OUS!! Could very well be the best pasta I ever had!

Tips & Comments:

This was just a marvelous day; we visited a few spots but very nice ones.
Not on pic, but still a remarkable moment, was when I had my first donut in the States! I mean, who wouldn't do this, right?! The thing is, I really like donuts but the American one is just waaaaay too sweet for me. A pity though but my sugar levels might have appreciated that it was not a successful try. hahaha
When you go visit such a place like the ESB, you really have to be patient; there's a lot of people and only 2 elevators bring you up/downstairs.... But still, it's totally worth it! 

At the Natural History Museum, we visited several expositions (Egyptian-era, African/American animals) but what really stroke my attention was the huge one dedicated to Space discoveries and all that jazz. The Planetarium was also a big success for me; there we watched a special show about Dark Energy and Matter. Very interesting but a bit superficial for my super curious-physics-trained-geek-nerd mind! :-) I would have liked a bit more detail but I'm sure all the other people wouldn't and those kids in there would just be bord to death meaning screaming out loud... So, it was good as it was.
I literally felt like a kid in a candy store hahaha.

When in NYC, a spot you just can't miss is the Central Park! I mean... it's just amazing!!! Only walked through a few roads but this is another place where you can just spend your whole day. I believe in the spring/summer is the perfect spot for a picnic (I might be getting an idea of when to come back....)!

Overall, this 4th day was a very nice one, so stay tuned cause I'll be back with the 5th diary.

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  1. Maravilhoso!!! Tanta coisa para ver e experimentar! Pode ser que um dia também vá ;)

  2. Que dia formidável! Central Park e Empire State Building - WAW! E a comida tem bom aspeto.XD