Friday, March 28, 2014

Waves come and go

Each one of us likes something in particular more than others.
Some know it since the very first moment, others take a bit longer to realize so.
What we like today might not be the same we liked yesterday or what we will like tomorrow
But no matter what, some things don't change and whenever you have the chance, the feeling is there, the click is made and you're hooked again.

This could be about anything, but in my case is the connection to the Ocean/Sea.
I knew I liked to be at the beach, summer or winter it doesn't matter, what I did not expect was that I would miss it so much.......
Back in Porty-land, the Atlantic was just there, "around" the corner, waiting for me to have time to pay a visit, no matter what or when. It was always there! Beautiful, strong, agitated, noisy, blue....
As the time goes by, I find myself thinking about it more and more.
Whenever the opportunity exists, I go to the sea-shore here in the Tulip's Country. It's far though...
Thanks to some lovely friends, I was back, reconnecting to the Sea on a sunny and windy afternoon.
I found myself lost in that wilderness that only such a massive amount of water can give.

Of course, now I miss the Atlantic even more! I can not wait to see you again, dear Atlantic.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

From NYC with love #5

Hello hello!!!

Finally, some time to write and therefore here's some highlights of the 5th day in NYC.
It's unbelievable that it's been already over one month... Is it okay to go back now or is it still "too early"?! haha

On this 5th day, we took it quite easy as we knew the evening would "the main" attraction; it was time for some live music in NYC, babe! :)

Places we visited:
-   Top of the Rock
-   9/11 Memorial
-   Century21
-   Gramercy Theater

Some pics:
Pics from the Top of the Rock; it's just breathtaking.... I was so much more impressed then when at the ESB. The view of the city is just something you can't experience from anywhere else. It's best to go when the sky is clear and not so windy. There's also an indoor deck but nothing beats being outside, get your hair flying in the NYC air while absorbing all its beauty. 

Take your time, and just... Enjoy!
At evening, we went for a great show at the Gramercy Theater. Not so far from out hotel and definitely worth it.
The lineup for that evening:

- Atrocity
- Leave's Eyes

Do I need to say more?!? I will; it was great and I'm super thankful for that evening and had so much fun! My neck didn't like it but it's not every day you see one of your favorite bands, coming from your own country, kicking major ass in f*cking NYC; so why not headbang ?! :-)
Robocop mode was ON and on fire later that evening.
After the show, we hung out with the bands, I finally got my picture with some of the Moonspell boys after someone else pushing me to do so! hahaha 
Yeah... I get a bit shy, every now and then.
Security wanted to kick us out very early, but eventually they got the point and let us stay in. After all, there were still some cold beers waiting.
Eventually, it was time for the bands to leave and so did we; the ESB was colored by the nation's colors as it was President's Day.

As I mentioned before, we also passed by the 9/11 memorial and were suppose to go visit the museum, but I didn't find okay to have to pay for it when it was suppose to be charity to help out the families (they say....) and actually, if it is a memorial it should be free access so that anyone could pay their tribute to the ones lost in such a tragic and memorable day. I showed mine from the outside!
Near to the Ground Zero, there's a super massive department store with all designers clothes/accessories called Century21. I was told that that was the place to go, and so I did.
What they did not tell me is that people in there go nuts and the place itself is overwhelming...
Result was: NO shopping, my bank account was happy!

All in all, this way was as great as the others, quieter but equally amazing! Sometimes all you need is to take it easy and enjoy what the city has to offer you, not rush but just let yourself go.

May I go back?!... Donations anyone???

I will be back with Day6 as soon as I can.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Adventures in the kitchen #6

Hello there!!!!

This past week, I cooked another Porty-dish for dinner, something that I haven't had in ages and for some reason just popped to my mind.
It's super easy to make, and I can guarantee that will taste delicious!! :-)

What will you need:

- Tuna Steak (fresh is better, but you can also get the frozen ones and defrost them in advance)
- 2 garlic cloves
- 2 onions - chop them in "half-moon"
- 100ml olive oil
- 100ml white wine
- Lemon
- Tomato puree
- Parsley
- Salt and Pepper

How to:
1)   Marinate the tuna steaks with salt, pepper and lemon juice for 45min
2)   Braise the onions with the olive oil until they get soft
3)   Add the tomato and mix it
4)   Add the tuna steaks and let it cook 3min/side
5)   Pour in the wine and let it cook for 2min
6)   Once it's cooked, add the parsley and serve it with boiled potatoes!
7)   ENJOY!!! :)

Let me introduce you, Bifes de Atum com cebolada!!

Bom Apetite!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

From NYC with love #4

Oh well.... It's been a veeeery long time since I wrote a blogpost, but sometimes it just how it goes.
Other things are more important and whenever there's a little spare time, I just don't feel like being behind the pc.

Anyway, I still have a lot of things to talk about our trip to lovely NYC, which was already 1 month ago *socking*. Therefore, here I am with diary #4

Places we visited:

- Empire State Building
- Natural History Museum & Planetarium
- Central Park
- 1st Irish Pub pit stop :-)

The pics:
Pictures from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building!!!
It's just breath-taking.... If it wasn't for the cold, I could have stayed there for longer...
(click on the pic to see it better)
A few captions from the great afternoon at the Natural History Museum.
You can easily spend a whole day there!
Or let's just be fair: I could! :-)
Lovely walk through snowy Central Park.
It's veeeery slippery but so charming; very quiet and relaxing atmosphere, which is quite a contrast with what's happening around this park.
Drinks and food!
The food at Bricco restaurant was just DE-LI-CI-OUS!! Could very well be the best pasta I ever had!

Tips & Comments:

This was just a marvelous day; we visited a few spots but very nice ones.
Not on pic, but still a remarkable moment, was when I had my first donut in the States! I mean, who wouldn't do this, right?! The thing is, I really like donuts but the American one is just waaaaay too sweet for me. A pity though but my sugar levels might have appreciated that it was not a successful try. hahaha
When you go visit such a place like the ESB, you really have to be patient; there's a lot of people and only 2 elevators bring you up/downstairs.... But still, it's totally worth it! 

At the Natural History Museum, we visited several expositions (Egyptian-era, African/American animals) but what really stroke my attention was the huge one dedicated to Space discoveries and all that jazz. The Planetarium was also a big success for me; there we watched a special show about Dark Energy and Matter. Very interesting but a bit superficial for my super curious-physics-trained-geek-nerd mind! :-) I would have liked a bit more detail but I'm sure all the other people wouldn't and those kids in there would just be bord to death meaning screaming out loud... So, it was good as it was.
I literally felt like a kid in a candy store hahaha.

When in NYC, a spot you just can't miss is the Central Park! I mean... it's just amazing!!! Only walked through a few roads but this is another place where you can just spend your whole day. I believe in the spring/summer is the perfect spot for a picnic (I might be getting an idea of when to come back....)!

Overall, this 4th day was a very nice one, so stay tuned cause I'll be back with the 5th diary.


Sunday, March 09, 2014

Gente da minha terra...

Enquanto andava na bicicleta, hoje de manhã, tava com esta musica na cabeça...
Não sei porquê... Nunca fui de ouvir fado, nem nunca a Mariza me disse alguma coisa.
Hoje foi diferente.
Ouvi, arrepiei-me e chorei...

Já sei o que vou trazer de Portugal, a par do chouriço, bacalhau, queijo e caldo verde, da próxima vez que aí voltar.

Deve haver coisas que só fazem sentido, a certa e determinada etapa da Vida... Vai na volta até gosto de Fado e só agora é que percebi.

É meu e vosso este fado

Destino que nos amarra
Por mais que seja negado
Às cordas de uma guitarra

Sempre que se ouve o gemido

De uma guitarra a cantar
Fica-se logo perdido
Com vontade de chorar

Ó gente da minha terra

Agora é que eu percebi
Esta tristeza que trago
Foi de vós que recebi

E pareceria ternura

Se eu me deixasse embalar
Era maior a amargura
Menos triste o meu cantar

Ó gente da minha terra

Agora é que eu percebi
Esta tristeza que trago
Foi de vós que recebi

Ó gente da minha terra

Agora é que eu percebi
Esta tristeza que trago
Foi de vós que recebi

Sunday, March 02, 2014

A saga do guardanapo

Eu não sou daquelas pessoas, que leva a etiqueta aos limites; muito pelo contrário!
A bom da verdade, nem sequer sei as regras (ou leis), mas se há coisa que sempre fui habituada é haver guardanapos na mesa.
Seja um por pessoa, ou um molhinho, não importa! Há sempre guardanapos à mesa.
É daquelas coisas a que eu chamo Senso Comum.

Pois bem, por estas bandas parece quase uma caça ao tesouro!
Em restaurantes, nem sempre estão disponíveis, e quando estão é apenas um que vem junto com os talheres.
Chega a ser um drama, pedir um novo, caso o primeiro esteja todo sujo.

Em casas particulares então é para esquecer.... Perdi a conta ao número de vezes que tive de pedir um guardanapo e muitas vezes nem existem. Papel de cozinha serve?!...
Normalmente, só em ocasiões especiais, os ditos cujos, estão lá prontinhos a serem usados; na mesa, há espera.

Isto cada um tem os seus costumes, e até pode haver vezes que não sejam preciso, mas a mim faz-me confusão! E vai sempre fazer.
Ora eu pergunto-me: onde raio limpam eles a boca quando é preciso?!?!...

A cena do "Todos diferentes, todos iguais" não se aplica neste caso.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Direitos vs Deveres

Desde cedo que sempre tive em mim a noção que o voto é algo muito importante, e pelo qual muita gente lutou muito para que hoje em dia qualquer pessoa possa expressar a sua opinião.
Alguns poderão dizer "Ah... Isso não serve de nada!" Pois, até pode não servir, mas depois também não se podem queixar...
Dito isto, enquanto vivia em Porty-land, apenas faltei a uma eleição porque estava fora do país. Nunca me hei-de esquecer, um belo domingo, acabadinha de sair do hospital, com o meu braçito direito ao peito, agarrar no cartão de eleitor, perder 10min a tentar estabilizar o maldito boletim e a caneta com a mão esquerda (eu não sou canhota!!!) e fazer uma cruz meio estranha, cheia de dores mas ainda assim votei!
Não sei se o meu voto foi considerado válido mas isso também não importa; o que importa é que exerci o meu direito e pronto.

Desde que me mudei para o país das Túlipas, sempre achei injusto que os emigrantes não tivessem direito ao voto, o que se aplica em qualquer estado membro. É tipo um regra geral.
Mas enganei-me (partly...)!! Ao que parece, por estas bandas, a coisa funciona assim:

Eleições Legislativas : Apenas cidadões Laranjinhas podem votar. Emigrantes: ao fim de 5 anos a residir no país, depois de se naturalizarem e passarem no exame de integração... 

Eleições Autárquicas: Qualquer Laranjinha ou cidadão de nacionalidade pertencente à EU e que resida no país há pelo menos 2 anos.

Eleições Europeias: Tal como nas autárquicas.

Ora, a meu ver, isto até é interessante mas a bom da verdade, para as eleições que realmente importa, não posso votar! No entanto, sou obrigada a pagar os mesmos impostos e contribuições que qualquer cidadão Laranjinha paga. Mas tenho voto na matéria: Não! 
É do tipo: "Paga e não bufa!"
Ou até mais: os meus impostos podem ser utilizados para andar a pagar subsídos aos muitos que andam por aí sem fazer nada, mas que podem (se quiserem) votar e expressar a sua opinião...
Talvez, o melhor é não pensar mais no assunto!

Fico no entanto agradecida, por no espaço de uma semana ter recebido no correio 2 boletins de voto, só é pena não ser para o que realmente importa... Bedankt Gemeente!

E não, não faço intenções de algum dia me tornar "Laranjinh"!
Uma vez Porty, para sempre Porty!! :-)

Tenham um bom fim-de-semana!
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