From NYC with love #3

by - Friday, February 28, 2014

Well, hello there!!
I hope you are not getting tired of these NYC-related-posts, because I have a few more coming up! hihihi

So today, I write about our 3rd day in the Big Apple. To mention, we were both very tired from first days and even a cold coming up; all due to the fact that we stood outside, in the cold, for such long periods of time.
That being said, we decided to just take it easy, and stay inside as much as possible.
On this 3rd day, the snow was the main attraction, and I honestly can't cope with snow flakes coming into my eyes. No!!! It's just not for me.
The streets of NYC were totally overwhelmed by my super-enthusiastic-Portuguese/English-swearing! :)

But whatever we did, the day didn't start until we got our dose of Starbucks! whahaha how fast can you adapt to local traditions, the better you will experience the place you are, isn't that right?! :-D

Places we visited:

-  MoMA (Modern Museum of Art)
-  Walked by Tiffany&Co (you ladies out there, know what I mean!) which is right next door of the Trump Tower
-  First burger @ "Burger Joint"
-  5th Avenue
-  The Rockefeller Center 
-  Bryant Park
-  Grand Central Terminal
-  Hard Rock Cafe

Now the pictures:
1 & 2 - Super high buildings all over the place!! :D
3 - Tiffany&Co shop and Trump Tower, side by side, both on 5th Av.

Some examples of Modern Art at the MoMA. I could not resist to the Nail Polish Painting *love*; Picasso also included! 
1 - Burger Joint, a nice place for the first burger of this trip!
2 - The Rockefeller square; love to see all those flags together, they do not fight against each other; people should do the same!
3 - Radio City Hall!!!
4 - Snow falling at Bryant Park.
1, 2 &3 - Grand Central Terminal. A pity that the camera could not capture its entire beauty (or my super bad photographer qualities could also be an option!)
4 - Margaritas at Hard Rock!!! Let the party begin.

My tips/comments:

First time for me to be at a Modern Museum Art and most likely the last one. It's just not for me. It had some cool stuff here and there but most of it, just didn't catch my attention. A few things to mention about modern art:
        1) It seems that put a colored plank against the wall is some sort of art. If I would have know that a few months/years ago, my house could have been nominated for the best Museum in town! Just saying...
         2) Some of the things in exposition over there were just to "weird" for me; I could not get it and it surprises me to see sooooo many people looking at a bunch of cardboard (or any kind of other junk) and making the most "intelligent" assumptions about what the artist wanted to express... Please, give me a break!
          3) It's a nice place to see Trendsetters; at a certain point in time, I asked myself: "Is the Fashion week already over or it just changed location to the Museum?!" Nothing further to add, you can imagine what I mean.
I do like Museums, but the ones that have a story to tell, that are focus on something we did not experienced, that take you to other times/experiences/ways of living/realities and so on... MoMA can be famous but to me, it's just a place not to go.
Now, back to something interesting: The Burger Joint. Well this is a very nice place to go and get an old-fashioned but tasty burger. Not McD style! But first, you gotta find the place!!! Jesus... It's almost mission impossible; it's inside a Hotel, next to the lobby, a narrow corridor behind a huge red curtain will lead you there. Well, I thought I was going to some underground XXX-club or something like that. Nevertheless, it's totally worth it because the burger is DE-LI-CI-OUS!!! :D
Moving on to the Grand Central Terminal, we passed by Bryant Park which had a skying ring installed and a glimpse of what we could call "Christmas Market"; nice and cute, even more when the snow is falling.
At the Grand Central Terminal, I had the impression I was being transported (how adequate...) to some kind of movie, like the one that Tom Hanks lives in the airport Terminal and so... Super cool place to stop by! The ceiling is impressive!!
Then, we closed off this day with a very nice dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Some sort of a tradition and no matter what, it's always a nice place to go and enjoy some good food and music at the same time! Me likes!!! :D

Writing these diaries makes me wanna go back... NOW!

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