From NYC with love #2

by - Monday, February 24, 2014

Now that I have a break from my Dutch homework, I can finally come back to the amazing memories about NYC.

It all started with a sunny morning and the Empire State Building (ESB) right in front of our hotel room's window. Now, it was real; I was in New York City!!!!!!
It took me a while to realize it but once I did, it felt like...... I don't know the word but it was veeeeery nice!

All our days were very busy, so I'm going to keep it simple: a list of places we visited, pics and some tips & comments.

Day #2 - Places visited:

- walked from ESB to Times Square and then to Columbus Circle;
- 1st Starbucks coffee!! Got addicted to Cafe Latte. :-D
- Liberty Island;
- Ellis Island;
- Wall Street;
- Trinity Church;
- Ground Zero;
- City Hall;
- Glimpse of Chinatown;
- Broadway;
(yep... busy day!)

Now, the pictures:
1 - ESB
2 - Columbus Circle (a square at one of the entrances from Central Park)
3 - In the Big Apple baby!!! :-D
4 - Times Square!!!!!
1 - Liberty Statue; nice but not thaaat impressive, imo.
2 - Hospital buildings @ Ellis Island
3 & 4 - Nice quotes about people immigrating to the States
5 - Registry Room; where all immigrants were registered when they arrived in the USA. Their 1st contact with their new country.1 - View of Liberty Statue on the way to Ellis Island
2 - View of Manhattan form Ellis Island, while the sun was setting; breath taking!!!
3 - Trinity Church
4 - New York Stock Exchange
5 - New tower built at Ground Zero, where the WTC used to be...

Tips & comments:

This day was just tiring as hell!! But at the same time, super great and we saw/visited remarkable places.
The Ellis Island and all its history is very impressive; as an e/immigrant myself, it meant quite a lot to me, but nowadays, things are not as tough as back then.
Seeing Manhattan from the Hudson while the sun was setting, was very special. Those kind of "Kodak" moments that will always stay in your memory.
Once you get closer to Ground Zero, you can automatically feel a different vibe in the air; streets aren't as noisy as any other street in NYC, people don't make that much noise and all in all, it's a very heavy, respectful, sad and honorable atmosphere. The whole area is still under construction and there are several police checks surrounding it. It's impressive the amount of police in such a "little" area. No wonder...
I don't know and never will, how NYC looked with the WTC there, but as it is now, you can tell that it's a different New York... The past events changed the city, the people, the country and the World. Nothing is as it was, and it will never be...

I will come back with Day 3, asap!!
Hope you like this post.

NYC, I miss you....

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