by - Sunday, January 26, 2014

Every time, I see a guy passing by wearing a pair of trousers/jeans like the ones on the picture bellow, I wonder:

Do they know what underwear means?!?!

Here's the definition, for free of charge!! :D

Clothes worn next to the skin, beneath one's outer clothing. Also called underclothes, underclothing.

This means, that you should keep it beneath your pants, jeans or short pants. Easy and clear. ;-)

Now guys please, wear your pants properly!!! What's the fun about seeing their underwear?!... I don't get it but maybe it's because I'm from a different time.
Also, who on Earth thinks this looks nice?? Can someone explain?

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  1. Eu acho ridículo e até porquito...
    Beijinhos, boa semana!

  2. Sou mãe e não sei o que me espera, mas isto realmente mete impressão e até nojo!
    Que piada acharão que isto tem!?!?

  3. Eu ca também não percebo e as vezes so me apetece dizer-lhes p puxarem as calças p cima... É que não tem jeitinho nenhum...