A little bit of home

by - Tuesday, December 03, 2013

They say, 'Home is where your heart is'... Indeed, but not only.
What about all those places where you left your heart along your journey in this World? That's why, no matter where I might live, Porty-land will always be home, or at least, a little bit of home.

Moving abroad, made me realize how I miss the Portuguese cuisine. I came to the conclusion that we have one of the most diverse, tasty, healthy, colorful cuisine out there! And I'm not expert, but this is just how I see it.
The news that a Portuguese restaurant has been opened in M-town, almost made me jump out of my chair of excitement! I could not wait to go and check it out.
I had really high hopes and expectations but on the other hand, I knew that if something wouldn't be as "it should", I would automatically spot it.

Well, all I can say is that my expectations were fulfilled!!!!
The food was marvelous together with  a cold Portuguese beer, delicious desert and of course, a great espresso!!!!
In the background, there was Fado playing and I found myself actually liking it... Huge surprise, I have to admit.

I totally recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes good food.
So, if happen to be in the neighborhood, don't forget to check out Portogatelo.

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  1. Grear! Next time that we'd visit you we have to go there:D What's the food on the right image? Carne de porco à alentejana? It seems so:D