From Portugal with love #1

by - Monday, November 04, 2013

Good evening!!

It has been quite some time, since I last wrote any post! So, I decided to share our last adventure. Ready for another diary?
This time, we went to Lisboa, my beloved Lisboa. Well, truth to be told, we went to more places, so let's say: we went to Portugal.

Since I started living abroad, I believe, this was the turn I was away for a longer period of time.
Not that spectacular, but interesting.
This time though, I had a buddy in crime as Mr. A finally had the time to travel to Porty land. 

Let's start with Day #1!

We had a SUPER early wake up call; 4h30! Ouch... Early flights, can be nice but not if you like to sleep.
Can't recall how many coffees we drank, but they were all necessary!
The flight was super smooth and we had two complete rows for ourselves, meaning.... Zzzzzz.. Ohhh it felt so good!


After landing in Lisbon, coffee #?? and breakfast  were necessary. What's the best way to kick-off our trip than with a Bica, croissant and Pastel de Nata?! Porty-land, we are back!! :)


Later in that afternoon, after some well deserve and damn tasty lunch (a very traditional dish called Açorda de Bacalhau), we went for a walk at the city center. Damn, we walked quite some and ended up with this great view. This is how Lisboa looks like from the southern side of Tagus-river.

We were pretty tired but ready for day #2 after some very loooong sleep!
Destination: South!
Will share more details tomorrow.

Night nighty,

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