Clash of Titans #2 - Bica vs Koffie

by - Friday, October 11, 2013

Hello there!!!

When I thought about this Series, I think the first thing that popped to my mind was: coffee!
I'm a huge coffee lover, but I do not like any kind of coffee. Black (w/ sugar!) or cappuccino. That's it... No extra flavors or fancy stuff in it. So, Starbucks and that kind of stuff, isn't for me!

Before I moved to the Tulip and Windmill country, I used to have 3-4 espressos a day. We call them Café or Bica. Short, strong, intense, creamy and huge boost of energy! All you need to face a busy day.
As I didn't know any better, I thought espressos would taste the same all over the globe. Guess what?! NO!
I lost count how many times and different places I have tried an espresso, and still, doesn't taste as it should.

In M-town, most of the times, I get a Dutch Koffie (like those good old grandma coffee) in a small espresso cup; that's what they call espresso.
Here's what Bica is on wiki.

This is how they look:

So, if you ever happen to in Portugal, please give it a try and let me know. 
And, if you ever tried the "Dutch Espresso", how did you like it??

For me, this is a 1-0 for the Portuguese Bica! :D

P.S.: I could use one of these little babies now...

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  1. Ai a menina está na Holanda!
    Olha, esse café holandês parece-me bem mais aguado do que o nosso. Eu, ultimamente, tenho bebido 3 tipo expresso, tirados na minha Saeco de moinho cá de casa ;)
    Beijinhos, boa semana!

    1. É super aguado. Faz lembrar aqueles cafés das cafeteiras antigas. Opto pelo cappuccino! Hahaha
      Tenho de arranjar uma máquina de expressos!

      Boa semana! Beijinhos