Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hint #2

Hello there!!!

Week #2 means Hint #2: Who was he?

If you know the answer, please leave a comment.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tomates à solta!


Warning: for all non-Portuguese speakers, I'm sorry but this one has to be in Pt, or the fun part of it might be lost. Please use the translator side bar. ;)

Ora então deixem-me descrever o que se passou e o porquê do nome do Post.
Vinha eu do trabalho, e qual residente no país das tulipas, tive que passar no supermercado antes de vir para casa. Passados uns 15min, tou eu na fila para pagar e começo a tirar as coisas do cesto e eis que se não quando.... a caixa dos tomates, abre-se, e parecia uma festa no tapete rolante....

Nunca vi tanto tomate rolar tão depressa e para tão diversas direcções. Claro está, que eu so me ria e a menina da caixa, com aquela cara de cú, a olhar para mim...
Esta gente, às vezes parece que nao percebe a piada das coisas, e claro está que ela não tinha a passar pela mente dela o seguinte:
Tomates à solta!!!!! 


Boa noite,

Hint #1

Olá olá!!!

So, here I am for the first hint of this little game. In total there will be 16, which equals the number of weeks for this dream to happen. :)

The hints can be anything: a picture, a quote, a fun fact... anything!

Please, leave your suggestion in the comments section below.

Hint #1:

Come check Hint #2 next week! ;-)


Monday, October 21, 2013



I hope you had a great weekend; I sure had! But as always, it was over before I noticed.

Today, on my way back home, I was confronted with a great sun set. One advantage of leaving work late (though it was earlier than usual! haha). Here's a little picture for you:

Please excuse for the quality; phone + driving = not a good combo!
I also prepared a great dinner for myself, as mr.A aka the Beast, is at the studio. Sorry for him, that he missed such a great dinner... hahaha

If you'd like a recipe, please leave a comment bellow. :)

Now a different subject; as promised today on FB, I will write a bit about something. (what a specific sentence... ai ai ai)
This weekend, I could finally realize one of my dreams. I have super huge list of things I would like to do in my life, and this one thing in particular was on my top 5, for sure!
Thanks to some great coincidences, it was finally possible to turn a dream into reality!

Now, you would expect me to tell you what it is, right?? hahaha
Well, I have a better idea: This dream will be realized in some weeks from now, so, as a little game, I will post every week, a little hint that might lead you to guess, what this dream is about!
All I can say for now, is that I'm super excited about this.
So, if you want to know more: come back tomorrow!!! :D

Have a great evening!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Duality of words

I believe all of us have this idea in mind that we shouldn't call fat to a person which is actually, fat... Most probably, this was one of another common sense subjects that our dear parents (or whoever raised us) taught us when we were at a young age.
Sometimes, kids can't hold themselves and start shouting to each other that kid X is fat and so on...
Doesn't this sound familiar to you?

Well, my point is: it's not okay to call fat to someone, but is it okay to call skinny/slim?!

Some people, don't waste time on telling someone who's not fat or has a "normal" weight for his/her size. As an example: "Oh my God! You're so skinny... How do you do that?!"
This is a very usual comment, but do actually people realize, that what they think to be a compliment, could actually be very painful/harmful towards the other person?

Some of us are skinny/slim by nature; no diets, no illnesses but simply can't have the average weight for their height. And yes, it's difficult to be skinny/slim, even though you're healthy! 

Whenever making a compliment to someone, please keep in mind, that the other person might not see it as compliment.


What a Wednesday...

That it started with some serious fog!
But not only; as a continuation of yesterday, my throat is giving me some serious pain as well.
So today, this will be my loyal company, I hope it help to ease my throat ache...

Maybe my British accent is improved by the end of today... LOL

Any tips for throat ache?

Hope your Wednesday will be better than mine.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You know that....

... you have a nice colleagues, when they drop 2 packages like this on your desk! 

Mega diabetes in process... whahaha

Have a good Tuesday!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013


After a working day, I had to go to the supermarket to get some groceries for dinner.
While walking through the aisles, I stopped by the crisps selection just to check and my eyes found these super amazing Lays! This was an amazing surprise!

When I saw them, I didn't think about having them as a snack, buuuuuut cooking them in one of my old time favorite dishes, that I haven't eaten since I moved out of Porty-land. If you are not Portuguese, let me introduce you Bacalhau à Brás!!

source: Google
So excited to cook this! :D
I wish there was a Portuguese restaurant in the neighborhood.... 

Anyone fancy a recipe? 

Have a nice evening,

Friday, October 11, 2013

Clash of Titans #2 - Bica vs Koffie

Hello there!!!

When I thought about this Series, I think the first thing that popped to my mind was: coffee!
I'm a huge coffee lover, but I do not like any kind of coffee. Black (w/ sugar!) or cappuccino. That's it... No extra flavors or fancy stuff in it. So, Starbucks and that kind of stuff, isn't for me!

Before I moved to the Tulip and Windmill country, I used to have 3-4 espressos a day. We call them Café or Bica. Short, strong, intense, creamy and huge boost of energy! All you need to face a busy day.
As I didn't know any better, I thought espressos would taste the same all over the globe. Guess what?! NO!
I lost count how many times and different places I have tried an espresso, and still, doesn't taste as it should.

In M-town, most of the times, I get a Dutch Koffie (like those good old grandma coffee) in a small espresso cup; that's what they call espresso.
Here's what Bica is on wiki.

This is how they look:

So, if you ever happen to in Portugal, please give it a try and let me know. 
And, if you ever tried the "Dutch Espresso", how did you like it??

For me, this is a 1-0 for the Portuguese Bica! :D

P.S.: I could use one of these little babies now...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Please, stop!!!

To all of those people who complain about still being Summer in Southern European countries:

Let me tell you something: You're LUCKY!!!
Over here, the rain is back, the cloudy skies also and leave home with 7degrees C, it's not nice...

So, please, ENJOY while you can!

Summer, I will be impatiently waiting for you! Don't take too long, I already miss you...


Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Já dizia o Marco Paulo...

... Eu tenho dois amores, que em nada são iguais!
Quem não se lembra desta pérola?!

Ok, agora a sério... Aqui vão os dois amores:

"Mas não tenho a certeza, de qual eu gosto mais".... 
A minha carteira gosta mais das pretas, pois as castanhas sao 3x's mais caras...
Ajuda precisa-se!!!!

P.S.: If you don't speak Portuguese, please use the Translator on the right side panel. ;-)


Monday, October 07, 2013

Drum me away


Long time no see!!
Life has been very busy lately, and the time to write it's almost 0. But it's better later then never.
I have been to very nice places/events lately and today, I would like to tell my experience on my very first Drummers day.
No, I'm not a drummer, which is no news for 99.9999% of the people who read this blog! LOL

Last Friday, after picking up my mommy at the airport, we headed to a drummers event. It's a very nice concept, to gather all kind of people that share this love for drums/drumming/music. The drummers on that night played totally different styles, which is very interesting, if you like diversity.

Now, honestly and without any bias, I think the one who gave the best clinic was Mr.A. The man is a real beast behind those drums! I don't remember, hear people asking for more when there's only drums... If it's a whole band, that happens often, but just drums, it was very unique for me!

All in all, I had a great time, surrounded by very nice people!
You can find on Youtube some videos of that day.
And please, do not underestimate the role of a drummer in a band (whatever band)!!

I'm very proud of my lovely beast!

See you next time (hopefully soon) ;-)
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