From Luxembourg with love - Part #3

by - Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello there!!!

I'm back with the last part of our weekend in Luxy-land.
After we have visit the lower part of the city, we took and elevator to come back to the upper part. By this time, legs were starting to hurt, so it was time to give them a rest. This elevator, stops by the Justice Palace (I think it's a palace... not sure!)  which is very nice, but I have no picture to show you.
After this, we started to walk towards the center again, in order to get some warm drinks. On the way. we stopped by the Cathedral which is right next to the Library. Both buildings are very nice from the outside.
This the Cathedral form outside. It's really worth to go check the inside. Also, you can go to the Crypt, where the members of the  Royal Family are buried. It's silent, simple but very impressive. You can feel in the air some strange atmosphere....
While walking through the city, also noticed a LOT of elephants decorated in different ways. Some very colorful, others not really. I don't know the reason but it looked nice.
And then we had a nice warm soup and decided to give a little rest to our legs before going for dinner. The restaurants are in quite a large number and you can find anything but as we are both meat-lovers, we decided to go to the Mexican. And damn!!! That was LEKKER!! :-D
A marvelous Ribeye with some salad and fries!! It was just.... DE-LI-CIOUS!!!

But they always say, save the best for last, and it must be for a reason...
As we were having dinner, I spotted some familiar logo on the coffee cups... I almost jumped out of my chair and started ventilating... LOL I recognized that little triangle, in red color, which usually means Portuguese Coffee!!!! OMG.... I cannot tell you how happy I felt...
I HAD to order an espresso... When the waitress came with the espressos, I felt like in heaven! My eyes didn't deceive me and it was a f*cking great DELTA Café waiting for me....
The color, the scent, the foam; everything a good espresso should have!
Just perfect!!! Something I just can't find in M-town... :-(

All in all, we had a great time in Luxembourg and we might come back in the near future!!
I totally recommend going there, if you are in the neighborhood.

Until next time Luxy,

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