From Luxembourg with love - Part #2

by - Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ready for part #2? So, here we go...

Saturday, September 14th: the morning started very cloudy and rainy, so after a well deserve long sleep, we put our "brave-capes" on(specially me....) and went check Luxembourg city.
As always, we said "let's not walk too much" and what did we do: we walked a LOT!!! So much, that I still have sore legs... Bad!!

Anyway, despite the rain and wind, we walked through the city center which is very picturesque. Once you are familiar with Dutch/Belgian cities, almost everything looks a bit alike, but there were some nice spots here and there. One thing I noticed different, were the roof tops and also the colors.
Most houses have a yellow-ish tone and the roofs are pointy; almost like a castle in a fairytale.
Another difference is the fact that the city isn't flat. On the contrary, it has a lot hills!! (maybe this is the reason for my sore legs).
There's a little river crossing the city, and gave me the feeling of an old little town up in the north of Portugal. Cool!!

It's remarkable how everything is so nicely taken care of, at least in the touristic parts of the city.
Once you start walking towards the main train station, things get a bit different...

For your info, most pictures were taken with phone, so don't expect great quality! Sorry! :-)

Here's the Royal Palace. This is located in the city center on a regular street. You can't tell you are walking towards it until you actually face it!
I felt very bad for the poor guard, standing there in the rain, without moving, blinking or whatsoever... Perhaps he froze!! haha
Here's a little overview of the low part of the city. Due to the so many hills, the city is divide it in two parts: the low and the upper one. Brilliant conclusion....
I have never been to Venice, but somehow, this low part of the city, kinda reminds me of it!
I loved the reflections of the houses in the river...
Very beautiful, relaxing and quite. Also, filled with fancy people, by the way! :-)
Some long Avenue that leads to the city center.
Many hotels in there, big & old buildings and 3 Portuguese banks! LOL
One of them had a poster with CR7 and some slogan, in PT and French, and in my mind I could not stop thinking how funny it'd be to hear him saying that in French... hahahaha

I will be back with a 3rd part of this weekend trip to Luxembourg. Otherwise you get an overdose of pictures and my silly comments. We can't have that, can we?? ;-)

Tot zo!!

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  1. The low part of the city, with the river, is really amazing. The center is also very enjoyable and clean.
    Ah, we noticed those portuguese banks too!ahah

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