From Luxembourg with love - #1

by - Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey y'all!

So, last weekend Mr.A and I, went for a little weekend away and we choose Luxembourg as destination. The man has been there before, but I didn't.
Luxembourg sounds very far away for me, but it's "only" 200km away (remember of my first post?? haha). I didn't know what to expect from it, except that I might run in some Porties out there. There's a big Portuguese community living in that country, so in the back of my mind some things were already running: "Maybe I can even find a traditional groceries shop", "a Portuguese restaurant?!" or even "how good would be to have a real espresso???".
Well from all these, only the last one actually happened.

But first things first; on Friday, we drove from M-town and on the way to Lux, it was raining like hell. I can drive with rain without any problems but if you add this to Belgian roads, than it's a totally different story.... I could hardly see the lines on the road! Plus, it felt like driving on a swimming pool... Not cool!!! 

Eventually we found the hotel and took a little walk to the center for a little bite. Even though it was dark, the view was already promising.
Funny poster!!
It seems that God listens to Slayer!!! whahahaha I wonder what kind of songs to they sing in church over there... LOLOL

I will be back later with some more pictures! :D

So far, I can just say that Luxembourg it's a very nice city (country, I don't know!) and worth to go back.

Luxy kisses,

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  1. That poster is really funny! Well, if God listen one particular Slayer album - God Hates Us All - maybe thay's why the world is such a mess...
    Btw, that picture was taken near the station?