And, do you hear me?

by - Monday, September 09, 2013

It's always very interesting to hear people talking about being tolerable, understanding, respect other's opinions or just saying "we are all different".
Indeed, we are!

That means that we have different points of view about the same subject, that we like different colors, different music styles, different food or drinks but not only that... We might also have different goals in our lives and people should just respect that.

The definition of happiness changes from person to person, and those who call themselves "understanding" should actually be more careful when using such adjective.
Not all of us need to have the best car in the world or get married or have a huge house that will take your whole life to pay or even have babies...

What makes us happy, it's up to us!
Respect that and move on....

Let's all be happy in our own ways.

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  1. Well said! I share the same perspective about life, happiness and, above all, respect for others' choices. Btw, this post has any story behind that you could share? Or did you just wake up and thought about this?
    Anyway, great post!:)

    1. It's a mix of both; listening to some comments and my own perspective. Interesting things that pop up while ironing... LOL

  2. sorry ... i'm late... lol but i understand what you think about that...
    the true happiness are inside each person with any object or feeling or life project! the problem of humanity is every one say "ohhh i understand, we are all diferente and i accepted your choice" but in 90% is just a phrase made!
    it difficult to accept one choise when we don't think like a person that made it, and we all know that we don't think the same way!