Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The world remembers this day as a very tragic day; all of us will never forget what happen on 9/11/2001. No doubts about that.

But what the world doesn't know is that for me, 9/11 also has a very good feeling and great memories.
Let's go back in time... First week of September, 2011.
I got a phone call that was long awaited. 1hr later, I signed a piece of paper and had to plan a whole lot of stuff in just one week.... I had great news to tell to my loved ones; the news I was waiting for a long time and that would be a life change event.
No one told me that would be easy, and it sure wasn't. For the ones close to me, it was even harder....

During that first week of September, a lot of things were taken care of but only a few people knew what was happening, which was also difficult to handle.
Few days later, I had to tell to my close friends that I was about to leave the country. I will never forget some of their faces... A mix of happiness for me but also sadness. Yep, I still remember!
For one night, I was officially a Princess! To all of you who might read this and were there on that night: OBRIGADA!!!!

Not only friends were sad, but the one that has been ALWAYS there for me, was very sad... It broke my heart to see her teary eyes as we packed all my stuff, but after many years of study, sleepless nights, dreams on hold, the time has come.
Once she told me: "The world doesn't end at the border with Spain." Indeed! There's a lot more out there, and it was my time to go for it....

On 9/11/2011, I took the first flight in the morning with destination... Amsterdam!
New life: I'm on my way!!!
More tears dropped but a huge smile on my face was also there...

As I landed in Amsterdam and grabbed all my luggage, I was welcomed by the one who was also sharing the same happiness as me. "Finally!!!!" we said to each other...

2 years have passed and I'm very grateful of what I achieved so far, the decisions I made (the good ones and the not so good ones too!) and for not being afraid of leaving my comfort zone and made my dreams reality.
I had great support from everyone around me, and I'm enjoying this new chapter a LOT!

To the one ALWAYS there for me: You're the best!!! No matter where I am, you are with me! Love you, mmsk!
And of course, big thanks to Mr.A which has been with me through this new chapter, supporting, pushing me forward and dealing with this Porty-temper. You're just Amazing! Love you!!!
Last but not least: big hug to my friends which I miss every single day... I'm coming to you very very soon!!! ;-)

And now, enough of this sentimental talk and let's celebrate!!! :-D




  1. Proost, miss B!!

    It's been a very awesome 2 years!!

  2. Two years already???

    I still remember those afternoons in the cafe, talking about what we should do in the future, if staying in PT or just get out of our comfort zones...

    I'm very happy for your success so far, and I wish all the best for you, because you deserve! :D.

    Unfortunately we can't see each other more often, but it is for now...

    Next time, we'll throw a big party with lots of Proosts :D

    Big hug.


    1. Oh yeah!
      No matter what, we will always be there for each other, buddy!
      Need to plan such party, okay????

      Big hug!!!

  3. Proost B. glad I could help you a little taking that huge leap and I'm glad could help you guys a bit when you came over to our lovely, chilly & rainy, little country.

    1. I'm very thankful for you have done for us, buddy!! :)
      Obrigada for everything!!!!

  4. I remember the day you told me the great new that you were expecting for so long and all the emotions regarding that huge step that you took:)
    Let's have a big proost celebrating your first 2 successful years in Holland!:)
    Last but not least, let me tell you one more time: you live in one of the most beautiful cities that i ever visited:)
    No matter the distance, (real) friends will always be friends! Big hug

    1. You said it, buddy!
      Obrigada!!! I will be waiting for a 2nd round of celebration hahahaha!
      Big hug!!!!!

    2. Absolutely! We'll make that second round!ahah

  5. you almost make me cry!! but you make a very good decision and no matter how many km we have between us, the treu friendship never dies!!
    miss you so much, but i know that uncle A takes care of you very well!!

    1. I'm here for you, any time, no matter where I am!
      Auntie B and uncle A will visit very soon!!!
      Miss you, my dear!!! xxxxxx


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