Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Duet we all wanted...

Within Temptation ft Tarja!

This must have been the most talked topic during last week. If you are a Metal lover, you know what I'm talking about.

I also had very high expectations, as the last WT album was very disappointing to me. It's a nice album but should never be under the name "Within Temptation". It just doesn't fit, in my opinion.
Anyway, when the news came out that Tarja would collaborate with WT on their new single, I was very curious; I mean, with Tarja it can't be bad, right?

Well... How should I say this now?!.... If I listen only the song, it's much better than the last album but the video... Nop!!! 
Regarding the song: well, it's a bit pop/rock/radio-friendly song, but that's the direction that WT have chosen to take since some time ago. It's a nice song, but I still prefer the old material.
Now the video: I didn't like the fact that they made Tarja look like Sharon. I think there's a reason for that, but I didn't like it. The subject of the video, it wasn't new and there were some scenes that reminded me of the video Unleashed from Epica (the band shots in the warehouse).

So, all in all, it wasn't what I expected, but an OK-single.

Here it is, for you own judgement:

Still waiting for some better music coming out....

Enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Friday!!! :-D

Well, a Friday that starts like this, doesn't look that promising.
They say it'll be 20degrees today... hmmm hmmm.

Anyway, Have a great Friday, everyone!

Foggy kisses,


Thursday, September 26, 2013


How many times have we gone through a change in our lives?? How many of those times did we actually recognize that a change was about to happen?

Some of those changes were for better some not really, but that's okay. That's what makes us who we are, and you always learn from it. Maybe not on that very same moment, but later on, that process you experienced will cross your mind and all will make sense.

Whatever change happened or is still yet to come, just embrace it!
Anything is better than being stagnated in your skin/life. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Credit rich vs Cash rich

Last Friday, while driving back home from work, I was listening to the radio, a Canadian radio, and immediately I was hooked to the subject.
It was about shopping addiction, mainly, but also about the consequences of such "hobby", how to recognize it and how to deal with very extreme situations. There were also live contributions from people suffering of this disease.

Yes, like any thing else, when done over the top, it can become a disease/disorder or whatever you wanna call it.
Not all of us like to shop, but there are some people out there, which all they do is talk about it, think about, live for it.... for shopping!

As they explained in the radio broadcast (I couldn't listen the entire show, as I got home before it was over), most cases of people who have this addiction, it is due to things that happened at younger ages.  As with any addiction, the first step is to recognize you have a problem.
Now, how do we know if we "crossed the border"?
I would say, it depends on how we were raised. In my opinion, if your parents did a good job, independently of the money you earn at adult age, you will be able to manage it, know how to spend it consciously and not let your self "go with flow". There are people out there, who unfortunately, lost their track.
But if you are still not sure, on the Internet you can find several questionnaires that will help you to identify if you have a shopping addiction or not.

This would have been already interesting enough to listen to, but what really stroke my attention was a testimonial of a man, who lost everything he "had"...
Summarizing it a bit, as a young man, he had a solid career, a nice job, a good wife... the whole nine yards! Along the way, he got a Credit card, which he started to use slowly... First some dinners out, then some fancy pair of shoes, then some big diamond for his wife, then a luxurious car, a big house, and so on... 

At a certain point in time, life changed! Jobs were lost due to illness (both husband and wife), and the only thing that remained were the super huge bills to pay. I won't continue with this story as I believe almost everyone will know what happened.

The point here is: do people actually know what a credit card means?!... Does the word CREDIT mean something?? 
For my simple understanding, when you take credit, you don't own the money, you are just borrowing it from the bank (like a loan or mortgage) which you will have to pay, usually by the end of the month, and most banks charge you some interest over that money.

While thinking about this whole subject, I wonder: if we would buy this world and other based on credit cards, would that makes us rich?? Or would we just be "credit rich"??...

Wouldn't it be better buying only what you can pay in cash (or with debit card)?

I would prefer to be "Cash rich" than "Credit rich"......


Thursday, September 19, 2013

From Luxembourg with love - Part #3

Hello there!!!

I'm back with the last part of our weekend in Luxy-land.
After we have visit the lower part of the city, we took and elevator to come back to the upper part. By this time, legs were starting to hurt, so it was time to give them a rest. This elevator, stops by the Justice Palace (I think it's a palace... not sure!)  which is very nice, but I have no picture to show you.
After this, we started to walk towards the center again, in order to get some warm drinks. On the way. we stopped by the Cathedral which is right next to the Library. Both buildings are very nice from the outside.
This the Cathedral form outside. It's really worth to go check the inside. Also, you can go to the Crypt, where the members of the  Royal Family are buried. It's silent, simple but very impressive. You can feel in the air some strange atmosphere....
While walking through the city, also noticed a LOT of elephants decorated in different ways. Some very colorful, others not really. I don't know the reason but it looked nice.
And then we had a nice warm soup and decided to give a little rest to our legs before going for dinner. The restaurants are in quite a large number and you can find anything but as we are both meat-lovers, we decided to go to the Mexican. And damn!!! That was LEKKER!! :-D
A marvelous Ribeye with some salad and fries!! It was just.... DE-LI-CIOUS!!!

But they always say, save the best for last, and it must be for a reason...
As we were having dinner, I spotted some familiar logo on the coffee cups... I almost jumped out of my chair and started ventilating... LOL I recognized that little triangle, in red color, which usually means Portuguese Coffee!!!! OMG.... I cannot tell you how happy I felt...
I HAD to order an espresso... When the waitress came with the espressos, I felt like in heaven! My eyes didn't deceive me and it was a f*cking great DELTA Café waiting for me....
The color, the scent, the foam; everything a good espresso should have!
Just perfect!!! Something I just can't find in M-town... :-(

All in all, we had a great time in Luxembourg and we might come back in the near future!!
I totally recommend going there, if you are in the neighborhood.

Until next time Luxy,

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

From Luxembourg with love - Part #2

Ready for part #2? So, here we go...

Saturday, September 14th: the morning started very cloudy and rainy, so after a well deserve long sleep, we put our "brave-capes" on(specially me....) and went check Luxembourg city.
As always, we said "let's not walk too much" and what did we do: we walked a LOT!!! So much, that I still have sore legs... Bad!!

Anyway, despite the rain and wind, we walked through the city center which is very picturesque. Once you are familiar with Dutch/Belgian cities, almost everything looks a bit alike, but there were some nice spots here and there. One thing I noticed different, were the roof tops and also the colors.
Most houses have a yellow-ish tone and the roofs are pointy; almost like a castle in a fairytale.
Another difference is the fact that the city isn't flat. On the contrary, it has a lot hills!! (maybe this is the reason for my sore legs).
There's a little river crossing the city, and gave me the feeling of an old little town up in the north of Portugal. Cool!!

It's remarkable how everything is so nicely taken care of, at least in the touristic parts of the city.
Once you start walking towards the main train station, things get a bit different...

For your info, most pictures were taken with phone, so don't expect great quality! Sorry! :-)

Here's the Royal Palace. This is located in the city center on a regular street. You can't tell you are walking towards it until you actually face it!
I felt very bad for the poor guard, standing there in the rain, without moving, blinking or whatsoever... Perhaps he froze!! haha
Here's a little overview of the low part of the city. Due to the so many hills, the city is divide it in two parts: the low and the upper one. Brilliant conclusion....
I have never been to Venice, but somehow, this low part of the city, kinda reminds me of it!
I loved the reflections of the houses in the river...
Very beautiful, relaxing and quite. Also, filled with fancy people, by the way! :-)
Some long Avenue that leads to the city center.
Many hotels in there, big & old buildings and 3 Portuguese banks! LOL
One of them had a poster with CR7 and some slogan, in PT and French, and in my mind I could not stop thinking how funny it'd be to hear him saying that in French... hahahaha

I will be back with a 3rd part of this weekend trip to Luxembourg. Otherwise you get an overdose of pictures and my silly comments. We can't have that, can we?? ;-)

Tot zo!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

From Luxembourg with love - #1

Hey y'all!

So, last weekend Mr.A and I, went for a little weekend away and we choose Luxembourg as destination. The man has been there before, but I didn't.
Luxembourg sounds very far away for me, but it's "only" 200km away (remember of my first post?? haha). I didn't know what to expect from it, except that I might run in some Porties out there. There's a big Portuguese community living in that country, so in the back of my mind some things were already running: "Maybe I can even find a traditional groceries shop", "a Portuguese restaurant?!" or even "how good would be to have a real espresso???".
Well from all these, only the last one actually happened.

But first things first; on Friday, we drove from M-town and on the way to Lux, it was raining like hell. I can drive with rain without any problems but if you add this to Belgian roads, than it's a totally different story.... I could hardly see the lines on the road! Plus, it felt like driving on a swimming pool... Not cool!!! 

Eventually we found the hotel and took a little walk to the center for a little bite. Even though it was dark, the view was already promising.
Funny poster!!
It seems that God listens to Slayer!!! whahahaha I wonder what kind of songs to they sing in church over there... LOLOL

I will be back later with some more pictures! :D

So far, I can just say that Luxembourg it's a very nice city (country, I don't know!) and worth to go back.

Luxy kisses,

Friday, September 13, 2013

Who said Friday 13th is bad??

Last Sunday, I wrote that this week would be very special, and it sure is.
Most of the days have a special meaning; today it's no exception! 4.5 years ago, on a Friday 13th, something very special happened...

Mr A. and myself are about to leave for this lovely city. Do you recognize it?

We're going to spread some terror and love in some other place!
Cheers to our 4.5 years together! :-D


Happy Friday!!!

To start this Friday in good spirits, I'm totally into Evanescence!
Sometimes it's good to be alone in the lab, put your speakers on Max and just enjoy your favorite band while working.

Therefore, let me share with you one of my favorite songs of the last album, during one of the shows I attended!!

Evanescence will always be my favorite band!!!! :D

"The Change"
Thought that I was strong
I know the words I need to say
Frozen in my place
I let the moment slip away

I've been screaming on the inside
And I know you feel the pain
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Aaa aaa aaa [repeats]

Say it's over,
Yes it's over
But I need you anyway
Say you love me but it's not enough

Never meant to lie
But I'm not the girl you think you know
The more that I am with you
The more that I am all alone

I've been screaming on the inside
And I know you feel the pain
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Aaa aaa aaa [repeats]

Say it's over,
Yes it's over
But I need you anyway
Say you love me but it's not enough

Not that I'm so different
Not that I don't see
The dying light of what we used to be
But how could I forgive you?
You've changed!
And I'm a liar by your side
I'm about to lose my mind

'Cause I've been screaming on the inside
And I know you feel the pain
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Aaa aaa aaa [repeats]

You've been dreaming
If you're thinking
That I still belong to you
And I've been dying,
Because I'm lying to myself!
Aaa aaa aaa [repeats]

Say it's over,
Yes it's over
But I need you anyway
Say you love me but it's not enough

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dutch - Take #2

Okay.... It's time for me to go for my Dutch course!
It's been almost 1,5 years since last time. Hope I didn't forget most of it...

Wish me luck!

Tot zo!!! :-D

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The world remembers this day as a very tragic day; all of us will never forget what happen on 9/11/2001. No doubts about that.

But what the world doesn't know is that for me, 9/11 also has a very good feeling and great memories.
Let's go back in time... First week of September, 2011.
I got a phone call that was long awaited. 1hr later, I signed a piece of paper and had to plan a whole lot of stuff in just one week.... I had great news to tell to my loved ones; the news I was waiting for a long time and that would be a life change event.
No one told me that would be easy, and it sure wasn't. For the ones close to me, it was even harder....

During that first week of September, a lot of things were taken care of but only a few people knew what was happening, which was also difficult to handle.
Few days later, I had to tell to my close friends that I was about to leave the country. I will never forget some of their faces... A mix of happiness for me but also sadness. Yep, I still remember!
For one night, I was officially a Princess! To all of you who might read this and were there on that night: OBRIGADA!!!!

Not only friends were sad, but the one that has been ALWAYS there for me, was very sad... It broke my heart to see her teary eyes as we packed all my stuff, but after many years of study, sleepless nights, dreams on hold, the time has come.
Once she told me: "The world doesn't end at the border with Spain." Indeed! There's a lot more out there, and it was my time to go for it....

On 9/11/2011, I took the first flight in the morning with destination... Amsterdam!
New life: I'm on my way!!!
More tears dropped but a huge smile on my face was also there...

As I landed in Amsterdam and grabbed all my luggage, I was welcomed by the one who was also sharing the same happiness as me. "Finally!!!!" we said to each other...

2 years have passed and I'm very grateful of what I achieved so far, the decisions I made (the good ones and the not so good ones too!) and for not being afraid of leaving my comfort zone and made my dreams reality.
I had great support from everyone around me, and I'm enjoying this new chapter a LOT!

To the one ALWAYS there for me: You're the best!!! No matter where I am, you are with me! Love you, mmsk!
And of course, big thanks to Mr.A which has been with me through this new chapter, supporting, pushing me forward and dealing with this Porty-temper. You're just Amazing! Love you!!!
Last but not least: big hug to my friends which I miss every single day... I'm coming to you very very soon!!! ;-)

And now, enough of this sentimental talk and let's celebrate!!! :-D



Monday, September 09, 2013

And, do you hear me?

It's always very interesting to hear people talking about being tolerable, understanding, respect other's opinions or just saying "we are all different".
Indeed, we are!

That means that we have different points of view about the same subject, that we like different colors, different music styles, different food or drinks but not only that... We might also have different goals in our lives and people should just respect that.

The definition of happiness changes from person to person, and those who call themselves "understanding" should actually be more careful when using such adjective.
Not all of us need to have the best car in the world or get married or have a huge house that will take your whole life to pay or even have babies...

What makes us happy, it's up to us!
Respect that and move on....

Let's all be happy in our own ways.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Adventures in the kitchen #2

Olá olá!!

So, here I am again to share another recipe with you.
This time, it's a main course dish with fish. I am a huge fan of fish especially now that it became so difficult to get. Coming from a country that's located by the Ocean, fish is one of things we eat the most. any kind of fish made in any way.
Over here in the Netherlands, it's a bit difficult to meet this past experience... But, I found some nice cod fish fillets at the supermarket and decided to give t a try.


To prepare the fish you will need:

  • Cod fish fillets
  • 2 eggs
  • bread crumbs
How to:

  • Scramble the eggs on a plate
  • Fill another plate with the bread crumbs
  • Dip the cod fish fillets on the scrambled eggs and then on the bread crumbs. Make sure that all surface is cover.
  • Put the fish in the oven for 35 minute at 200 degrees C. The fish should be crunchy but not burned. ;-)

On the side, I prepared a rice with corn and carrots, and a nice salad (lettuce, onions and cherry tomatoes).

This had a huge thumbs up from Mr.A so I hope you will also like it!

Bom apetite!

Sunday, bloody Sunday

Hello Sunday!!!

So far....


And later... :-)

Enjoy your Sunday!
A very special week is about to start....

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Kiss kiss!

Olá!!! :-)

I really have to share this!
These Magnum are just a little bit of heaven in a form of ice cream. Seriously.... it's just pure deliciousness!!! haha

They belong to the Kiss Limited Edition and so far a huge success here at home.
If you find them, do yourself a favor and get a box! 

Magnum kisses,

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Need For Speed

Who doesn't recognize the video-game Need for Speed?? As the name suggests, it's all about driving as fast as you can. I never played that game but I think it's only cars.
In real life, some people have the same desire, which it's totally okay if you drive on German highway (autobahn) but here in M-town, some people do the same but.... On a scooter!!!

Yes, on a scooter! And let me tell you, they go nuts!!


To start with, almost no one wears a helmet which already indicates  how smart these people are; secondly, they speed like crazy!! Sometimes, almost resembles the movies Fast & Furious version Scooter.
As an addition, if we stick to the male drivers, the majority look like bad boys, trying to act like so... From my point of view, they just look ridiculous! 
I mean.... it's a scooter!!! hahaha If you want to look like a bad-ass and so on, get a decent car... Just saying.
And last but not least, for those people, it doesn't matter what time of the day it is; the noisier it gets, the better! A huge lack of respect towards other people... but most likely they don't know the meaning of that word (which could be a topic for another post....).

Perhaps, they should create a Scooter video-game for these people; I believe they have something to compensate....

Brummmm bruuuuummmm,


Monday, September 02, 2013



Today, I got to know that Lisboa was elected as the Europe's Leading City Break Destination 2013!!!
And indeed, it's a great city to visit. They say that you will only appreciate something once you don't have it, and that might not be too far from the truth.
I couldn't point out how many times I walked through the lovely streets of Lisboa, walked by the amazing monuments or very emblematic spots and the truth is: I didn't give it that much credit.
Big mistake!

Now, that I'm so far away from it, I miss almost every little thing about my city, my gorgeous, charming, enchanting, vivid, happy, bright and busy Lisboa!
No matter where I might live or for how long, Lisboa will always be my city and I love it!

So, if you have never been to Lisboa, you should go!!! You will find everything you can imagine; great food, great drinks (and cheap!), great monuments/museums, river and ocean are just "around the corner" lots of culture (shows/festivals) places and of course, the people! Alfacinhas, as people from Lisboa are called, are very friendly people.

In case you are still not convinced, check this video:

Saudades de Lisboa....
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