Pedal to the medal...

by - Tuesday, August 27, 2013

If there's something that always caught my attention during the many visits to the Netherlands, were the Bicycles.

Not the object itself but what Dutch people are able to do while on them.
But first things first. If you are a tourist in the Netherlands, you will most likely have this kind of view once you step out of a train station.


If you are coming from a country where cycling is something you do on your free time and only if you feel sportive enough, this is....... Shocking!!! But this is just a start...
I was used to see only one person on a bike, but over here, sometimes it feels like a competition: Who can get more people, at once, on a bike! The picture below it's just a little example....


Almost like those buses in India but then different! LOL
This was just a little example of what these Dutchies can do with a bike. There's more to come about this subject. ;-)

Thumbs up for the Dutchies and their abilities! :-D

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  1. It's not that difficult to imagine why all those people are on their bikes.
    You know the Netherlands is a small country. With that in mind, take the first picture and imagine that all those bikes were cars. Multiply that with every place where there is a train and/or busstation.
    Now you can easely see why the Dutch often prefer the bike over a car.

  2. You've got a point! But it's still very impressive for us Southern people. hihihi ;)

  3. now i'm tired just to imagine me on the bike!
    i understand why they do that but... my car is my car and i prefer to pay diesel oil , insurance and parking than ride a bike lol but a lazy girl :P
    however like a turist is probably funny see a lot of people in bike and try one or two rides lol