Left Lane Affection

by - Saturday, August 24, 2013

In this part of the World, the traffic rules say:
  1. The transit of vehicles must be done on the right side of the road;
  2. When necessary, the left side of the lane may be used to overtake or change direction
Is this clear enough? I think so, but for some drivers not really.

On a random day, while driving on the freeway (the location doesn't really matter), one will notice something very particular: 90% (or more!) of Belgian cars will drive on the left lane, even if the right one is free!!

I wonder: what kind of traffic rules do they teach in Belgium?!
You might think "Oh it's not only Belgian cars!", well... let's say this: over here, they are famous for that! Just a coincidence? Maybe yes, maybe not.
One thing it's for sure: it's annoying like HELL!!!!

Be prepared for more posts about my traffic adventures/frustrations or just remarks. :-)

Miss B, on the road!

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  1. that's a wierd thing! probably the belgian think they are in england... or this place are whaiting for "uncle tats".. when he return from Mozambinque he didn't know what the road side is that correct :P

    1. I don't want to be in the car with uncle Tats! LOL

  2. some time ago, the national air company of Belgium was: SABENA Air Lines, which means:

    S = such
    A = a
    B = bad
    E = experience
    N = never
    A = again


  3. I don't drive a car (which is very good for everyone else), but I understand miss B's frustrations all too well with those left lane driving douchebags in Holland....