Cola vs Pepsi

by - Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Olá!!! :-)

If there's something that I find very annoying is, ordering a "Cola" and get a Pepsi. I mean, to me, they don't taste the same and I personally prefer Coca-Cola.
Over here, in the Netherlands, people at restaurants (R) have the tendency to not make any distinction between the two and they are both called Cola...
I thought it'd be better to find a way to avoid this "misunderstanding". Here's an example:
    R: What would you like to drink?
    B: Do you have Cola or Pepsi?
    R: Pepsi.
    B: Then, I'd like to have Ice-Tea.
    R: *Weird look at B as if she's saying the silliest thing in the world*!

If you are a Coca-Cola lover, you will understand me!
To all of you, Coca-Cola lovers: when in the Netherlands make sure you order a "Coke" or "Coca-Cola". ;-)

Miss B.

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  1. i understand your frustration... i feel the same! pepsi and cola don't taste the same,, even in portugal, netherland or china! (i never went to china... but.... LOL )
    i remember once when i go out to dinner and i ask for a cola and the man bring me a pepsi... i look at him with that face "this shit is not a cola" but whatever... when he brought me the bill, it was written "1 cola"... WTF i payed for a cola when i drank a pepsi?!