Clash of Titans #1

by - Sunday, August 25, 2013

Let me introduce you the series "Clash of Titans", episode 1!

Here, I will try to make a comparison between typical Portuguese things (whatever things might be) and Dutch. It can be anything!

Today, it's about snacks. Who doesn't like snacks??
Dutchies (as I always call Dutch people) are big fans of snacks and like to have them at any time/occasion. For us Porties (the plural form of Porty, the nickname I sometimes get from Mr.A), snacks also have a good spot in our "cuisine".

I picked up, one of the most famous snacks of each country, to start with.

Pataniscas de Bacalhau
Frikandel Speciaal
Both of them are fried snacks, so in principal not so healthy but let's have a look to what they are (mostly) made of.
  • Pataniscas de bacalhau: Potato, Cod fish, Flour, Eggs, Onions.
  • Frikandel (according to Dutch Men's Health magazine): 45 percent kinnebak (in the Dutch-English dictionary as lower jaw, or jaw bone), beef and fat. I'm not including the sauces and fries....  
They both look yummy, but once you get to know what they are made of.....

Which one wins this first Clash of Titans?

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  1. portuguese people like to eat! but... i don´t like pastaniscas ahahahah
    probably i will like this Dutch snack... you don't talk about sauces... i presume that sauces are ketchup and mayonese right?!
    i can't stop imagine this fires with a nice cold beer... oh god i'm tired to be pregnant!!!

  2. Frikandel spciaal - lekker!!!

  3. I think i agree with Arien! Portuguese kitchen is the best in the world (regarding to fish, we don't have competitors!), but dutch snacks are dangerously amazing!:D

  4. Pataniscas are the winner, for me! :)