Thursday, August 16, 2018

Travel | Short but sweet visit to Berlin - pt 2

Travel | A short visit to Berlin, part 2.


Who is ready to continue this photo diary of the trip to Berlin??
Even though I was in town for just one day, I made sure to get the best out if, even if I wasn't feeling so well.
On the first part of this photo-diary, I explained all about it, so in case you miss it, here you are: Berlin pt1

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Blogging | Which tools I use to keep up with blogging

Blogging | Which tools I use to keep up with blogging.


Some time ago, I wrote a post about the TOP 5 tools I use for blogging, and even though those are still up to date, I thought that it was about time to give share some more of other tools I use in order to keep my "blogging life" in order and going.
Not sure if you know, but I have a full-time job (+40h/week), so blogging is a hobby of mine, that requires a lot of my free time and of myself.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Travel | A day in Zwolle [NL] pt 2

Travel | A day in Zwolle, the Netehrlands, part 2.

Here I am once again with another photo/travel diary of beautiful Zwolle, in the Netherlands.
If you have been reading my travel diaries, you know, I can't simply write one post about it and that's it. Nop! There is always at least two posts. hahaha
So many beautiful sights to see, what can I do?

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Skincare | Travel kit

Skincare | Travel kit -  How to keep your routine while travelling, in a compact, easy and lightweight way!


On today's post I thought it would be nice to do something like "What's in my travel beauty bag", but now then Skincare part. The beauty edition will be online soon.
When at home, those of us who like (or need) to take good care of our skin, have a whole routine with quite some steps, at least I do.
But we may find it a struggle to keep it up while on the go.
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